Video Eufrat lesbian sex with Nicca

As nice as it is to enjoy watching pornstar Eufrat masturbating, it’s even better when she gets together for lesbian sex with another young pornstar, Nicca. This video clip starts off with Eufrat sticking her fingers deep inside Nicca’s pussy while licking her tiny tit. You can hear how much Nicca enjoys that, then Eufrat leans down get her face between Nicca’s spread legs to taste her pussy. Eufrat is on her hands and knees while doing this so we get to enjoy her full breasts hanging down while she pleasures Nicca.


While it isn’t all Eufrat doing Nicca, it’s obvious Eufrat is in charge. Eufrat wants her pussy licked and she makes sure she gets exactly what she wants. Eufrat puts Nicca on her back and climbs on to press her now very wet pussy onto Nicca’s face. As a fan of Eufrat’s large, soft breasts, I love the shot of Eufrat leaning over, her full breasts hanging down, swaying as she kneels over Nicca’s face.
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